By Sunset April 30 a New Board Awakes!

The expired UBID Board majority has posted the audited financial report(s), etc. on the Union Bay website. It is obvious the old Board does not want to answer landowner questions. Fine. Let’s move on..

The Inaugural Meeting was May 1 last year..The Inaugural Meeting can be scheduled anytime as the oath of office is simply a formality. Two duly and honorably elected Trustee’s (Healey and Vandenberg) are waiting to work on the building the water treatment plant and finding ways to access grants and cheaper financing for 4.2 million dollar plant! There is no time to waste.

Attorney General David Eby

The old board has no right to postpone the AGM and more importantly delay the swearing in of two Trustees who won in a record landslide on April 20, 2019. This is obstruction of justice and electoral tampering, in my humble opinion, but I am not a lawyer. Attorney General David Eby should have the authority to intervene on behalf of us landowners as we 690 households can not afford to hire our own lawyer to ensure a functioning Board. Union Bay deserves better!

As of May 1, 2019 the UBID Board consist of Trustees: Rick Bitten, Susanna Kajur (re-elected 2017), Ted Haraldson (elected April 2018), Paul Healey and Hein Vandenberg (elected April 20, 2019). An excellent team let’s get busy!

Attorney General David Eby


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