Got Conversion questions?

There are spots available tonight at 7pm to meet with the CVRD, UBID and Urban Systems who jointly prepared the Conversion Study.
Landowners are invited to ask questions or make comments. Register at the door. There are seats available earlier as well.
Location Union Bay Community Hall, October 20, 2020. Have your say!

Who is going to take us to the finish line? Three Trustees needed..

The conversion study of the pros and cons of merging with CVRD will be posted soon. This study will show there are financial benefits to conversion. Including:

  1. Infrastructure Grants
  2. Municipal Financing
  3. Technical Staff support – engineers, hydrologists, planners

Nominations close August 20, 2020 forms downloaded UBID website.

Union Bay Pandemic Style

2020 has had its challenges, with one resigned trustee, one “retired” CAO, a postponed AGM, a postponed election of three trustees and a pandemic.

The landowners now owe at least 4.2 million dollars for a new (and much needed) Water Treatment Plant. The interest costs are additional hundreds of thousands of landowner dollars.

What about loans and municipal financing? The CVRD received almost 78% of the building cost for their WTP in grants and municipal financing! Union Bay Improvement District does NOT qualify for help.

That is why we are having the governance study done. Stay tuned, it should be released in the near future. Then we can make some informed decisions regarding UBID’s fiscal future and the risk management of infrastructure debt and future capital projects.

Union Bay Wants You, You and You!

Three Trustee positions are up for election. Conversion to become a service area of the CVRD gives UBID access to infrastructure grants and municipal financing and includes access to a broader team of experts, staff, engineers and professionals. Union Bay Board needs three landowners to run for those who believe in the wisdom of saving landowners’ money.

Bonus Good News! If the conversion to a service area of the CVRD is successful there will be no more annual trustee elections!

To Do List for 2020

1. Complete the study to examine pros and cons of merging aka conversion to the CVRD. Why? It is the only way we will qualify for infrastructure grants and municipal financing. UBID is facing multiple infrastructure costs in addition to completing our water treatment plant. Most of our water pipes needs replacing. 690 households cannot afford to pay unless we receive grants. UBID is not entitled to receive grants or municipal financing. This is why I made the motion to send the letter to the CVRD in Oct. 2017, this motion passed. However the Board refused to follow through. As a result of this delay, landowners are having to pay for the treatment plant without any grants or subsidies.

2. Review our Election Policy to ensure that every vote counts. Did you know that our “Letters Patent” signed in 1960 allows for a spouse of a landowner to be elected as Trustee? It follows, therefore, that if a spouse of a landowner can be a Trustee then surely they can also vote in elections! UBID will be having an election of two trustee positions in April 2020 as well as a historic referendum on merging (conversion) to the CVRD. It is time to ensure that everyone has a say in these critical decisions which will have a serious impact on our wallets.

No Quorum, is no Reason to not post the 2020 budget!

The 2020 UBID budget was approved in October. Why the delay in posting this information for the landowners? Could it be that, once again, landowners must vote “blind” on Saturday November 23? Seems like a repeat of the April AGM which was held after the April election. It is just plain wrong and unfair. This is not how a responsible, accountable and transparent government works. Another reason to covert to the CVRD we would then have staff trained in local government who know and follow legislation, understand Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy. As well, we would qualify for Infrastructure Grants and municipal financing well below the RBC rates we currently have.

Please get out and vote for Ian Munro if you care about your wallet, your water and our community.