Inaugural Meeting for Union Bay

Thursday July 18, 2019 at 7pm UBID Board Meeting with a newly elected (April 20) majority composed of: Hein Vandenberg who was elected with a record breaking number of votes followed closely by Paul Healey. The third Trustee is myself, twice elected Trustee Susanna Kaljur.

The UBID Board has agreed to hire a ‘parliamentarian advisor’ to act as consultant to the Board, should we have any questions or need advice in implementing Robert’s Rules and our Meeting Procedures Bylaw 263. The consultant has no voting rights and will attend our Board Meetings.

It is with great pleasure to announce that our retired Area A Director Bruce Jolliffe has agreed to facilitate! Thank you. The new UBID majority is a Board committed to operating in a manner which protects the public interest.


Ministry Contradicts Chair!

A landowner forwarded this message they received from Ms. Catheine Lee of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs this morning..

“Once the new Board is in place and construction of the Water Treatment Plant has begun, the Ministry is prepared to support UBID and the CVRD working together to consider a governance review.” received by landowner June 6, 2019!

I accuse the Chair of lying, Why?

The Ministry has never said the Water Treatment Plant must be constructed and operational as the Chair stated last night at the AGM.

This is what multiple letters from the Ministry have actually stated:

  1. March 19, 2018 “..a vital step not yet completed – namely, getting construction of the water treatment plant well underway.” page 1
  2. “the practical window of opportunity for the CVRD to request a governance study opens following the October 2019 general local elections.” page 2 – Marijke Edmondson Director, Governance Structures
  3. May 6, 2019 “Once the new Board is up and running, the Ministry is prepared to support the efforts by UBID and the CVRD to work together to review governance. However it is important that the priority work of continuing construction of the water system plant continues.” Brent Mueller Director, Governance Relations (note: Several landowners received this letter due to multiple complaints about UBID governance)

Why lie about something which can be so easily disputed? Whose interest is being served when we are denied access to infrastructure grants and municipal financing 2% below prime?!

Union Bay AGM Tonight 7pm

What if someone took out a massive loan in your name but didn’t tell you how much interest you will pay, how would you feel? That is what Union Bay did. Two million dollars in interest alone is what landowners will pay over 25 years. This does not account for massive water pipe replacement costs. We can not pay for this, ever! Time to become a service area of the CVRD and qualify for grants and cheap loans.

Got Questions? Me Too.

AGM at 7pm on Monday June 3, Union Bay Hall

  1. What has been the process for hiring staff, including temporary staff? Administration costs have increased substantially in three years. Why?
  2. Why is the October 2017 “Potable Water and Infrastructure Agreement” between Union Bay and KIP aka Union Bay Estates not posted on UBID’s website? This is contrary to FOIPPA and Local Government Act.
  3. When and where is logging taking place in Langley Lake? There was a steep slope supposed to be logged in 2018, what is the status there?
  4. Has an inventory been done and consideration given to the massive replacement of our water mains and pipes due to age? How will we pay for this on top of our Water Treatment Plant?
  5. Why do only 690 households have to pay $4.2 million (plus $2 million in financing costs) = $6.2 million for our Water Treatment Plant? Other jurisdictions have received 80% in grants and 2% below prime municipal financing for their WTP, why not Union Bay?

Union Bay AGM Mon. June 3 at 7pm UB Community Hall

UBID AGM JUNE 3, Finally.

Landowners have waited for over one year to receive answers to basic financial questions. The previous Board majority began making ALL decisions behind closed doors on May 1 , 2018 at the Inaugural Meeting. Time for some serious questions, folks:

  1. Why did UBID not tell taxpayers that we would be borrowing 3.5 million dollars at 3.49% for 25 years?
We are paying $113,328.00 per year in interest alone

By Sunset April 30 a New Board Awakes!

The expired UBID Board majority has posted the audited financial report(s), etc. on the Union Bay website. It is obvious the old Board does not want to answer landowner questions. Fine. Let’s move on..

The Inaugural Meeting was May 1 last year..The Inaugural Meeting can be scheduled anytime as the oath of office is simply a formality. Two duly and honorably elected Trustee’s (Healey and Vandenberg) are waiting to work on the building the water treatment plant and finding ways to access grants and cheaper financing for 4.2 million dollar plant! There is no time to waste.

Attorney General David Eby

The old board has no right to postpone the AGM and more importantly delay the swearing in of two Trustees who won in a record landslide on April 20, 2019. This is obstruction of justice and electoral tampering, in my humble opinion, but I am not a lawyer. Attorney General David Eby should have the authority to intervene on behalf of us landowners as we 690 households can not afford to hire our own lawyer to ensure a functioning Board. Union Bay deserves better!

As of May 1, 2019 the UBID Board consist of Trustees: Rick Bitten, Susanna Kajur (re-elected 2017), Ted Haraldson (elected April 2018), Paul Healey and Hein Vandenberg (elected April 20, 2019). An excellent team let’s get busy!

Attorney General David Eby