Got Questions? Me Too.

AGM at 7pm on Monday June 3, Union Bay Hall

  1. What has been the process for hiring staff, including temporary staff? Administration costs have increased substantially in three years. Why?
  2. Why is the October 2017 “Potable Water and Infrastructure Agreement” between Union Bay and KIP aka Union Bay Estates not posted on UBID’s website? This is contrary to FOIPPA and Local Government Act.
  3. When and where is logging taking place in Langley Lake? There was a steep slope supposed to be logged in 2018, what is the status there?
  4. Has an inventory been done and consideration given to the massive replacement of our water mains and pipes due to age? How will we pay for this on top of our Water Treatment Plant?
  5. Why do only 690 households have to pay $4.2 million (plus $2 million in financing costs) = $6.2 million for our Water Treatment Plant? Other jurisdictions have received 80% in grants and 2% below prime municipal financing for their WTP, why not Union Bay?

Union Bay AGM Mon. June 3 at 7pm UB Community Hall


UBID AGM JUNE 3, Finally.

Landowners have waited for over one year to receive answers to basic financial questions. The previous Board majority began making ALL decisions behind closed doors on May 1 , 2018 at the Inaugural Meeting. Time for some serious questions, folks:

  1. Why did UBID not tell taxpayers that we would be borrowing 3.5 million dollars at 3.49% for 25 years?
We are paying $113,328.00 per year in interest alone