Vote Saturday November 28, Union Bay Community Hall

It is clear the we have a long to do list and a very small bank account. We can continue to improve our water infrastructure so that we have water security. Infrastructure Grants and municipal financing will offset some of the parcel tax increases and higher water tolls we will be obligated to pay.



Last Chance to Vote November 28

We need infrastructure grants to repair our aging water mains. We will NOT get any grants by remaining an improvement district. According to the study 65% of our water mains will need replacement within 15 years, this will cost several million paid for entirely by 780 landowners. We would not even qualify for municipal financing. Furthermore postponing this work because we can’t afford it is poor asset management.

Math Matters

Capital Expenditure Charges CEC’s of $8900.00 per new connection is only $890,000.00 for 100 homes. The new water treatment plant can add another 100 homes, then it needs a second DAF filtration unit. Relying on CEC’s to create capital for water main replacements is not financially viable in my opinion. The money will end up coming from rate payers only. No grants, no municipal financing.

VOTE Nov. 17 or Nov. 28!

Did you know that UBID’s loan of $3.7 million dollars for the Water Treatment Plant would be $500,000.00 cheaper through Municipal Finance Authority? This savings would only be available if we convert to the CVRD.

As explained in the conversion study roughly 45% of water mains in Union Bay need replacing within 5 to 10 years. Capital Expenditures Charges will not cover this much needed work. It will come from landowners pockets, again.

With a combination of Infrastructure Grants and reduced borrowing costs by accessing the Municipal Finance Authority the out of pocket cost to landowners can be reduced by 60 to 80 %. Just remember the CVRD received grants and MFA for their Water Treatment Plant and landowners saved 80%.