What’s in Your wallet?

Letter sent Sept. 14, 2019 by Trustee Kaljur;

Dear Chair Healey, Trustees, and Ministry;

Where is the FULL report from the Public Works Superintendent of an overview of the water pipe infrastructure in all of Union Bay, highlighting areas or sections where pipes might vulnerable and need to be repaired or replaced?? 

The motion requesting this report was passed unanimously by the Board 2 meetings ago and still no report?!  The Board needs this info in order to make informed budget decisions and increases to taxes.  This motion has been blatantly ignored by Admin and Staff.  Why?

I request a written explanation for missing reports, missing accompanying documents (FOIPPA Regs, Legal opinions etc.)

The Administrator has not attended any Board meetings since June 3, 2019. The Public COW meetings are not being video recorded, with no video record and no administrator to write down the motions is putting too much pressure on a voluntary Board Trustee who is also the Chair.

Our Administrator makes an excellent salary, why is he not doing his job? 

The Administrator has provided ZERO verifiable evidence that Board meetings are ‘unsafe’ other than a statement saying so with no proof.  Opinion is not evidence.

If the safety concern is a reference to the suspended Inaugural Meeting of April 23, the only two people in the room who presented a serious safety threat or an atmosphere of intimidation was, UBID Administrator, who set things off by shouting “What did you say!” in a loud and aggressive tone to 3 landowners who were talking quietly among themselves just before the meeting began. Things escalated significantly when then Chair Haraldson got up and marched over to the three seated landowners while holding a large 10 pound bright orange construction hammer (which he likes to use as a gavel) and proceeded to loom over them, his body and face inches from them in a menacing and threatening manner. One landowner began to film this assault on his phone. For proof just watch the video. Both myself and the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, another woman, tried to get Chair Haraldson to sit down and calm down.  Instead Chair Haraldson walks menacingly towards me, still holding the hammer.  That is when staff left.  It was a terrible and unnecessary provocation.  The Administrator has no right to demand to know what people were saying amongst themselves. He could have simply asked them to quiet down. 

I am formally requesting Administrator’s resignation immediately unless he can provide specific proof that current board meetings are so unsafe that he can not perform his job.  The proof must be more than his words or hearsay.

It has cost landowners close to $16,000. in training which trustees willingly attended and benefited from.  We are improving as a Board and have already made numerous democratic decisions for the benefit of Union Bay. The UBID Administrator did not even attend most of the training and no other staff were present.

In order to be a functioning Board we need staff who are willing and able to do the job.  Our current Administrator continues to struggle with the basics of local government, FOIPPA, and principles of transparency and accountability.

I hope the full water pipe survey report will be made available on Sept. 19 Board meeting.[it was not.] I also request a reply to my resolution that CAO Mason resign immediately if he can no longer fulfill his duties or attend meeting and take accurate minutes.

UBID Trustee Susanna Kaljur


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