Postpone AGM? Why? 2 New Trustees to take Oath of Office

“The April 23, 2019 COW meeting, where the alleged ‘incident’ leading to cancellation of AGM, had only two sitting trustees present; Trustee Haraldson and myself, Susanna Kaljur.  Trustee Rick Bitten was absent.  Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam were present, however they are no longer trustees as they were defeated on April 20, 2019.  By rights the meeting with the financial auditor should have occurred before the election. Therefore Ted Haraldson, as only one of two trustees present, had no legal right to cancel either the April 23 COW/Auditor meeting or the April 25 AGM. I fully support Trustee Haraldson’s preference of having a professional Chair chair the AGM. The local governments Act states the AGM must occur before May 1.” This letter was sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Selena Robinson, Ombudsperson, MLA Scott Fraser, UBID Board and others on April 24, 2019.

Here is Trustee Rick Bitten’s response to my letter: “Glen and peter and still elected trustees until the other candidates are sworn in. I believe that UBID should discuss charges with the RCMP. These planned disruptions are intenional (sic) and should be considered as that. I am embarrased by the landowners that create these problems. This behaviour would not be tollarated (sic) any where else why should we accept it.    Trustee Rick Bitten”

This mess is brought to you by 5 men who flout the law. It is theirs to answer for and clean up.

In my opinion the Oath of Office must proceed and a new chair elected so we have a functioning board. The outgoing Board majority are responsible for the AGM not the 2 new trustees. Currently the UBID Board has only 3 sworn trustees: Haraldson, Bitten, Kaljur. The majority has swung because 2 Trustees can not make any decisions. Ergo they (Bitten, Haraldson) can not cancel meetings or do anything.


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