5 Great Reasons 4 Joining CVRD!

  1. The Ministry “supports the transfer of improvement district services to a regional district when there is local support to do so”. Improvement District Trustee’s Manual 2012, page 35.
  2. The Ministry states; “A time may occur when there is a..need to access capital infrastructure grant programs not available to Improvement Districts” page 35. That time is now, a $4.2 million Water Treatment Plant is being built ~ paid for by 690 households!
  3. There is funding available from the government of $10,000 to $25,000 to do a study of the pros and cons of becoming a service area CVRD.
  4. When Union Bay merges with the Regional District the CVRD “is obligated to ensure the funds collected from the landowners of the former improvement district, are used only for the purpose for which they originally collected.” page 35. CVRD will not keep “our $$”
  5. Union Bay can also access Municipal Financing which is 2% below prime. In five years Union Bay will have paid $566,640 in interest alone repaying the bank for the $3.5 million we borrowed at 3.49% over 25 years. Total interest paid is over $2 million!


UBID Election Days: Tuesday April 9 and Saturday April 20~9 to 6pm

VOTE 4 $aving Union Bay $ by joining CVRD

Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting

Thursday April 25 – 7pm Union Bay Hall

This is the only meeting since 2018 where landowners are “allowed to ask questions and it takes place after the election !?

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