Fact Check – CVRD Service Area

~ Union Bay’s taxes are kept in a separate account. CVRD can not use any UBID monies, not one penny!

~ All the conditions the Ministry set have been met: wait until October 2018 Municipal elections are past and the Water Treatment Plant is “well underway. The Ministry has already contacted Union Bay to say we can proceed.

~ Facilitator James Mattison recommended becoming a Service Area of the CVRD in his report Aug. 2017 Clear and Safe Water for Union Bay. https://union-bay.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/UBID-KIP-Final-Report-2017-August.pdf

~ If we send the letter asap there is a very good possibility that we can benefit from 2% below prime municipal financing for our Water Treatment Plant.

Vote Paul Healy and Hein Vandenberg and $ave $$

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