Where is the watershed protection plan?

We paid for it and as stakeholders which should have had input on it as well as access to the report. It should be handed out at the January Board meeting and posted on the website.
The UBID majority are irresponsible by not making Sonja’s UBID’s watershed protection plan public.   Ever since October 2016 election there has not been one single committee meeting event though we have a ‘public works committee’ chaired by Loxam and the fire committee chaired by Bitten. 
What a sad state of affairs, but no surprise.

Water Women Consulting was hired to provide the Water Portection Plan. Where is it? Pages from Sept. 2018 approved minutes.

From Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act:

NOTE: (2) The head of a public body must not refuse to disclose under subsection (1)

Policy advice or recommendations
13   (1) The head of a public body may refuse to disclose to an applicant information that would reveal advice or recommendations developed by or for a public body or a minister.
(2) The head of a public body must not refuse to disclose under subsection (1)
(a)any factual material,
(b)a public opinion poll,
(c)a statistical survey,
(d)an appraisal,
(e)an economic forecast,
(f)an environmental impact statement or similar information,
(g)a final report or final audit on the performance or efficiency of a public body or on any of its policies or its programs or activities,
(h)a consumer test report or a report of a test carried out on a product to test equipment of the public body,
(i)a feasibility or technical study, including a cost estimate, relating to a policy or project of the public body,
(j)a report on the results of field research undertaken before a policy proposal is formulated,
(k)a report of a task force, committee, council or similar body that has been established to consider any matter and make reports or recommendations to a public body,
(l)a plan or proposal to establish a new program or activity or to change a program or activity, if the plan or proposal has been approved or rejected by the head of the public body,
(m)information that the head of the public body has cited publicly as the basis for making a decision or formulating a policy, or
(n)a decision, including reasons, that is made in the exercise of a discretionary power or an adjudicative function and that affects the rights of the applicant.
(3) Subsection (1) does not apply to information in a record that has been in existence for 10 or more years.


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