2019 is the year we decide our water’s future

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Union Bay: 

1.  Regain the majority of the Union Bay Water Board (UBID) on Saturday April 13, 2019 with election of two Trustees who will make decisions regarding the cost of our water treatment plant and water infrastructure which are based on facts and are of financial benefit to landowners.  (Advance vote: Tuesday April 2, 2019)

2.  Landowners must be told by current UBID Board what the estimated cost of borrowing is for the New Water Treatment Plant.  Union Bay has not given landowners updated costs since March 2018. 

How much will Union Bay (600 households roughly) landowners have to pay in interest costs alone??  

The actual cost of borrowing has never been fully disclosed to landowners, last spring the Administration said $54,000 in interest costs but this figure was proven incorrect and removed from UBID’s website.  

To date no interest costs have been given. Why not?  The interest alone on a loan of $4 million is around $2 million over 25 years.  This is a ridiculous amount of money for 600 households to bear.

3.  Immediately send the letter to the CVRD to examine the pros and cons of joining the CVRD, as was pointed out to us by our MLA Scott Fraser this process can be expedited.  

The biggest pro is: Union Bay would become eligible for Infrastructure Grants (free money) and Municipal Financing (which is 2% below prime).  We are clearly on the path to building the Treatment Plant (land cleared, plans done, equipment bought) and the municipal election has passed.  There is nothing stopping Union Bay from sending that letter now.  Except they won’t?!  (remember a motion was passed Nov. 2017 to send the letter but UBID Board stalled it for bogus reasons)!

4.  Notification of landowners regarding the ‘historic’ Boil Water Notice which began on December        15, 2018 was haphazard, incomplete and ineffective in conveying health related water quality issues to the general public as well as landowners.  

Tenants and the traveling public drink our water as well?  Petro Can at Buckley Bay had no sign up (other than a tiny white letter on outside bulletin board) until I asked management to put up a clearer sign on December 20, 2019.  This is five full days after the BWN!

5.  Your Name Here!!  and Your Name Here!!  Thank you for being willing to run as Trustee, Union Bay needs you!

You are one of the two lucky landowner’s who have decided to rescue our water system and new treatment plant because you understand that Union Bay would be financially better off if we were with CVRD plus benefit from all the technical expertise on staff.

It is really that simple. With your help it can be done. Union Bay will not have this opportunity  again for many years.

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