The Chair Listens!

All Agenda items (except one) were removed from ‘In Camera’. Bravo Chair Healey! The only glaring omission was the lack of a video camera, again.

According to Bylaw 270 Video Recording states; “Public meetings of the Board will only be recorded by UBID and posted on the Website.” Furthermore, a Committee of the Whole (COW)Meeting is a public meeting by definition according to our Meeting Procedures Bylaw 263 which we are legally mandated to follow.

The real question is: why has the Administor chosen to be absent from Board Meetings ever since two new Trustees were elected on April 20, 2019?? All the Trustees successfully completed their Board training (a $16,000 bill for UBID Landowners). The claims of “safety concerns” are without any proof or evidence. Why does UBID pay a separate person to switch our video camera on and off?!

Solution: Hire a separate person to attend Board Meetings, take minutes and write the minutes, turn the camera on and off. Whatever the cost is for this service, which is a vital part of a functioning board, is then deducted from our current Administrators salary. Now that would make Sen$e!


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