Unilateral Decisions Defy Democracy

In January 2019 UBID Chair Ted Haraldson unilaterally made the following decisions: To close all UBID Board Meetings to the Public, except the Annual General Meeting, and To change the election date for Two Trustee Positions, (knowing the majority could shift in favour of conversion to CVRD, and it did.) to be held BEFORE the AGM!! Think about it. The public (and one illegally suspended Trustee) were all locked out!

Media reports on Jan. 18, 2019 Chair Haraldson states: “The only public meeting is going to be the AGM (annual general meeting) in April, and that is one that everyone will attend, and people will be able to speak, and all the rest. That is going to happen for sure.” The AGM, originally scheduled and voted on by the Board, was scheduled for Thurs. April 11 and the election day on Sat. April 13, well before Easter. Yet in January 2019 at a secret meeting, the election dates and the AGM were unilaterally changed. The public and 1 trustee (Kaljur) was excluded.

The new dates placed AGM after the election on Thursday April 25 and election date changed to Saturday April 20th, the middle of the 4 day Easter Long weekend!! Chair Haraldson goes on to state: He added that Union Bay’s upcoming trustee election would be moved to take place a week before the AGM, with the new trustees to be introduced at that gathering.

Hold on a minute! This meant the landowners had to vote for two Trustees BEFORE they had access to vital public financial information such as; in March 2019, at yet another secret meeting, the UBID Board took out a loan with RBC for 3.5 MILLION DOLLARS at 3.49% interest rate. This information was not disclosed to the public until the August 15, 2019 UBID Board Meeting. As a landowner I am outraged at the apparent disregard of our legislated Meeting Procedure Bylaw 263. The Local Government Act states clearly meetings must be open to the public and information be shared with landowners in a timely and accurate manner.


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