Chair Healey wisely postpones approving Jan. 17 minutes

The Chair is following up on the assumption, made by JB Consulting, that the ‘meeting was conducted following procedure’. It was not. No Agenda for the January 17, 2019 UBID Public Board Meeting was posted on UBID’s Website, ever. The public was literally locked out as the Board met in a secret location in Courtenay! The local media reported on this after multiple efforts to contact then Chair Haraldson. Remember we were a community in the midst of its first ever boil water notice! The excellent reporting tells the sad tale. The article published Jan. 24, 2019 refers to the absence of Notice and the Public in the last paragraph:

Haraldson also indicated that the trustee board’s latest public meeting video and agenda will be released in the next few days, though he couldn’t say exactly when.

The meeting [Jan. 17] had been closed to the public over concerns of heckling, and then moved to Courtenay without notice, due to fears of disruption.

The Chair does have the right to ask a disruptive member to be quiet and if that person ignores the Chair, they may be asked to leave that particular meeting. The Chair does not have the right to prevent any landowners’ or Trustees’ from attending Board meetings indefinitely.

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