The vision is simple: save 2 Million dollars in borrowing costs.

Thank you all for a heartwarming and hopeful pop up protest!    The vision is simple:

Union Bay landowners will *save **two million dollars *in borrowing costs for our Water Treatment Plant!


By setting up a service agreement with the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) would mean the RD would take over administration and the collection of taxes kept separately, and then Union Bay would qualify for infrastructure grants and municipal financing. Currently, as an Improvement District, UBID does not qualify for grants or reduced financing costs to cover an estimated $4 million dollars.

“In essence, that move would save 700 households $2 million because that’s what the borrowing costs would be to borrow $4 million at your regular interest rate over 25 years,” trustee Susanna Kaljur said.

In August 2017 Facilitator Jim Mattison wrote a $55,000 report for Union Bay titled: “Clean and Safe Water for Union Bay”  It is a detailed history of our water and has several recommendations on page 26 and 26:  

4. “When an Improvement district is faced with changing technology and massive expansion, it may be time for the community to seriously consider coming under the wing of a regional district.”

It is time to save money for landowners and set up a service agreement with CVRD, we can do this if we have two candidates to run and win on this platform.  It is worth 2 million dollars divided among less than 700 households!

Here is my Go Fund Me to help with my legal costs:


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