Update on the Record article

The following was added to the article from yesterday.


Union Bay Improvement District board apologizes to trustee; deadline remains for other demands

When contacted by The Record, Haraldson said the board has complied with all the demands it deems reasonable.

The publicly posted apology will not be sent to landowners by mail.

“The apology has gone out on our website, [which] goes to all the landowners,” said Haroldson. “It has not been mailed out – it’s gone out on the website to all the landowners.”

When asked how those without computers are to receive the apology, Haroldson was curt.

“That’s why there’s a newspaper.”

According to Haraldson, the change of dates for the election and nomination period was to rectify an error in the original posting and was strictly administerial, in order to comply with Elections BC.

“Those election dates were set wrong the previous election, and that’s why we are [changing them],” he said. The change didn’t [require] her to be there, or myself.”

The dates for the upcoming election and annual general meeting are as follows:

March 5 – Call for nominations

April 2 – Nomination window closes

April 9 – Advance poll

April 20 – Election

April 25 – Annual general meeting

As for a personal apology regarding the allegations of defamation of character, Haraldson sees no reason for an apology.

“There is no defamation of character,” he said.


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