Elections and Accountability Union Bay Style

The UBID Board Majority know exactly what they are doing which is, in my opinion, a blatant attempt to influence the election outcome in their FAVOUR.


1.  Switching the AGM from Thurs. April 11 to Thursday April 25, 2019 (which is a full 5 days AFTER the final vote)!

This schedule was posted Jan. 9, 2019 claiming to be as of April 19, 2018
This schedule was posted Jan. 29, 2019.

2.  Switching the Final Voting Day from Saturday April 13 to Saturday April 20, WHICH IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF EASTER WEEKEND!  The Board majority evidently hopes that most landowners will be away or too busy during Easter weekend to vote.

3.  None of these date changes were made following proper procedure, bylaws, and the Local Government Act which requires a motion made at a public meeting with a discussion among the trustees and must provide valid, compelling reasons for changing election dates. 
Forcing landowners to vote for two trustees BEFORE landowners have had an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers regarding finances, budgets, infrastructure costs, borrowing costs, logging in our watershed, public health concerns, questions regarding water testing results and Boil Water Notices etc. is the sole purpose of an Annual General Meeting. This is why voting takes place AFTER the AGM, so that voters can make an informed decision.  NOT SO IN UNION BAY!   

I and many landowners would agree that the four Trustees have been doing the following:

  • violating bylaws,
  • ignoring advice from the Ministry,
  • spreading false information about landowners and trustees,  
  • making false and unproven allegations of ‘violence’, ‘assault’, ‘verbal abuse’, ‘cyber bullying’, ‘harassment’ against landowners and trustees,
  • spreading false information about the CVRD ‘taking our money’,
  • hurling insults, personal attacks against landowners and trustees,
  • attacking the public and trustees for asking questions,
  • ignoring written questions from landowners,
  • blocking landowners from Public Board Meetings,
  • “indefinitely suspending” myself (twice elected trustee) without just cause or evidence
  • ….and much more.

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