Response to “Immediate and indefinite suspension of trustee Kaljur”

From: kaljursv@
To: cfbxv@s
Cc: “UBID Admin” <>, “Mueller, Brent CSCD:EX” <>, “Peter Jacques” <islandcashservices@”James Wood” <>, “Scott Stanfield” <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 4:05:35 PM
Subject: Fwd: UBID Account and/or Billing Information/ Trustee suspension

Re:  “Immediate and indefinite suspension of trustee Kaljur” letter dated Jan. 14, 2019

This is not the first time the UBID Board has made false allegations against me.  For the record I have not, at any time, engaged in ” ongoing harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, and disrespectful behaviour of UBID employees and trustees.  These unproven accusations made against me are utterly false.

A review of all the videos of UBID Board meetings will demonstrate that the bullying and harassment is conducted by the other trustees and enabled by chair Haraldson and is directed towards me.  It is obvious that the Board does not wish me to speak even when I have been given the floor by the Chair.  

My blog  contains factual information as well as my personal opinion regarding my three years as trustee. I am not speaking on behalf of the UBID Board on my blog, I am speaking on behalf of myself as both landowner and trustee on matters which are of the public interest; such as our communities drinking water, the recent and ongoing historic Boil Water Notices and the massive financial burden Union Bay faces in getting our much needed water treatment plant built.  These are serious concerns which landowners have many questions about which are not being answered by the board even when landowners write their questions to the board in advance. This is unacceptable in my opinion.

The UBID Board’s recent January 2019 decision to close all public board meetings to the public is contrary to our own meeting bylaws and the Local Government Act.  The decision to remove the date of the UBID election day of April 13, 2019 from Union Bay’s website is highly questionable and suspicious.  All information regarding our water and financial costs of borrowing for the water treatment plant has beenremoved from UBID’s website.  I believe this is a glaring example of a systemic lack of transparency and accountability.

These decisions made by the Board against myself and other landowners are grounds for legal action.  I request that the Ministry intervene in this extraordinary miscarriage of justice and democracy.

Susanna Kaljur Union Bay Landowner and trustee


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