Union Bay Water Source for Potable Water

The following is a ‘Minority Report’ as I am the twice elected trustee of  Union Bay Improvement District.  UBID is responsible for potable water, fire prevention services and street lights.  Potable water is a serious responsibility and I feel landowners deserve factual information based on evidence regarding the quality and quantity of our drinking water as well as a full disclosure of the true cost of the build out of the treatment plant. The following is my opinion based on facts, evidence and personal experience.  I am not speaking on behalf of the UBID Board.  

Constructive solutions based comments are encouraged.  This is our community and our water.

Susanna Kaljur

The water source for our potable water in Union Bay.

2 thoughts on “Union Bay Water Source for Potable Water”

  1. To answer some of your questions.
    Yes…. a yellow notice was put near the news boxes on Tappin Street.
    Yes…..September minutes showed the NTU amounts, however I could not find the water works attached reports with the approved minutes on the following dates…May 24th, March 22nd, February 15th and Jan 18
    Factual information needs to be shared with ones neighbours…

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  2. I have 6 resident households on my email list and will forward this link and suggest they become followers, Landowners and residents need a forum to fact check information. I will share two contacts that were helpful with factual information…
    Water quality information
    Environmental Health Officer
    355-11th Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1S4
     (250) 331-8586  (250) 331-8596
    Under the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulation, Operating Permits are required for all drinking water systems serving anything other than a single-family dwelling. Drinking Water Officers (DWO) with Island Health work with prospective and existing water suppliers and monitor for compliance with this legislation.
    Union Bay Estates Development

    Alana Mullaly
    Senior Manager of Planning and Protective Services
    Planning and Development Services Branch
    Comox Valley Regional District
    CVRD Contacts;

    Daniel Arbour
    Director, Comox Valley Regional District
    Baynes Sound / Denman & Hornby Islands

    Daniel Arbour

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